Some real examples of the many jobs I have completed

(and remembered to take some images…)

“AFTER” - quite often these are missing or not the “finished product” as concentrating on getting to next job…..

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privacy screens for deck primed
sliding door track Company sign removed for repair New laundry tub and cabinet installation
Tired of looking at fence preparation reduce doorway width Extra Privacy needed Tired rubbish chute in apartment block
Aluminium compliant pool fencing and gate Privacy Sorted! very tired kitchen...... Several improvements made Extra top row of boulders to stop flower beds spilling onto path Removed, cleaned, painted and re-fitted Tired and non-compliant pool fence Up to Top

YES - Pool fencing, all types, repaired, parts, new installations.

YES - Pool handrails-new installations.

NO - Digging great big hole (for pool)




Improve your view and massively reduce upkeep - wire balustrading options for timber  / steel posts, many handrail options - call for FREE ESTIMATE