Access ramps

Typically timber construction with anti-slip coatings

Acrylic Splashbacks

Nicer than tiles, less expensive than glass  -

Quick installation and on-site cut-out for GPO's

Air vents

Kitchen, bathroom, confined access spaces (termites love lack of airflow = damp timber = munch....)


Window mounted units supplied and fitted / removed

Architrave / Skirting

Supply, replace , repair and paint


Any repair / addition you may need, but also if your new bathroom designer / supplier does not remove your old units, let me prepare the area ready for their install team

Additional trades will be required - let me arrange these for you

Blinds and awnings

Cabinet door replacement / laminate matching

From 1 handle / door to complete cabinets / WIR's etc


Custom sizes, and come assembled - don't get fooled by "cheap" flat packs


TV, ethernet


Any non-structural timber project


garden, house, office etc

Partner Company - no space in my vehicle....or skip if required


Timber or composite or mixed, new  / repairs, stripping / re-coating

Dishwasher replacement / install

You supply or I can -  delivered, installed and old one removed.

My plumber may be needed

Door locks / handles / hinges

Internal or external. electronic keypads replaced

Door replacements

Generally not cost effective to repair, so replace and painted / coated if required


channel drains, soak-away etc

Extraction hood supply / replace / install

You supply or I can - delivered, installed and old one removed.

Fencing / Gates

Timber, steel, aluminium slats, glass, uPVC -  repaired / new supply


mesh replaced or new frame installs, security doors

Gutter / down-pipe replacements

Rusty old gutters / down-pipes?? GC based company supply as required for me to install.

Handrails / grab rails / pool rails

External or internal, timber or stainless steel, custom or "off the shelf" designs


Flat rates of $150+GST for 1st 30m2 and $40+GST for every additional 10m2 - petrol unit you just supply the water.


Any repair / addition you may need, but also if your new kitchen designer / supplier does not remove your old kitchen, let me prepare the area ready for their install team

Additional trades will be required - let me arrange these for you

Mounting mirrors / pictures / TV's / etc

Save time any money by deciding (and marking if possible) where you want these hung - a small piece of tape on wall where you want the top / centre of frame to be before I arrive on-site.


Internal or External from a door to a complete house

Pet doors

You supply, or I can - delivered, installed and old one removed if applicable


Patch repairs or complete stud wall construction

Pool fencing

If you are issued a "form 26" or just need repairs / new installations

Re-grouting / sealing / silicone

Kitchen and bathrooms, gaps and cracks....

Render repairs

small patch repairs as required

Retaining walls

Up to 1m high new or re-builds / repairs - timber or concrete sleepers / blocks etc.

Shelving / racking / storage

Home, office or industrial

Sinks and taps

Supply, install, re-seal etc

May need my plumber to assist

Smoke Detectors - supply and install

Australian Designed & supplied 10yr battery - 7 year warranty, wireless interconnected, quality units + remote control for testing etc. Fitted with 3M magnetic mounts, so no drilling or holes in your ceilings.


Solar Lighting

So many great options on the market - light where and when you want it


Internal or external - minor repairs

Turf supply / laying - real / artificial

clear and prepare ground and turf laying

Wardrobe doors / castors

New door WIR supply, or just castor replacements

Windows / patio doors, fly-screen doors

Service, repairs. locks, tracks castors - fitting / removing

Wire balustrading

Stainless steel wire balustrading repairs or new supply.

Upgrading from timber, tired of painting / cleaning? - Custom lengths using 316 GRADE STAINLESS STEEL 1x19 wire and fittings made by me for quick delivery and installation.

Call me to come and measure and provide free estimate:

0421 799 353

The simple answer is “pretty much anything”, but jobs I have done in the past (can’t remember them all) below. I always try to use local suppliers as much as possible.

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