“AFTER” - quite often these images are missing or not the “finished product” as concentrating on getting to the next  job…..

Some real examples of the many jobs I have completed - and remembered to take some images……

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Tired of looking at fence preparation reduce doorway width
primed sliding door track Company sign removed for repair New laundry tub and cabinet installation - WIP Up to Top
privacy screens for deck painted paving, retaining wall, planters, concrete path
jetwashing, before and after Bad watewr damage - and tired kitchen repairs in progress open to anyone new fence sections and gate WIP Privacy screen added old timber pool fencing aluminium pool fencing - compliant appartment block waste chute an interested customer MORE PRIVACY REQUIRED appartment block waste chute - renovated Extra top row of boulders to stop flower beds spilling onto path

YES - Pool fencing, all types, repaired, parts, new installations.

YES - Pool handrails new installations

NO - Digging great big hole (for pool)